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Buy antipasti at Kitchencorner

Eating can be very simple, very simple and yet a pleasure. This phenomenon can be observed in Italian cuisine, not in haute cuisine, but actually in everyday life. The classic menu sequence, which is also often used at home, is: Antipasti - primo piatto (pasta, risotto, fegato) - secondo piatto (seafood or meat, served with vegetables) - dolci (sweets such as ice cream, sorbet or fruit). None of this is rocket science when it comes to preparation. A good meal, however, always starts with the antipasti, the starters that are served cold or warm and that provide a foretaste of what will come later. When you buy antipasti at Kitchencorner, your Swiss online shop for delicacies, you set the rhythm of your menu.

Antipasti - the best way to start the menu

Antipasti, which means roughly as much as "before the noodles", i.e. what is served before the pasta, before the primo piatto, the first course. Not to be confused with the greeting from the kitchen, because the antipasti that you will find in our range are too multifaceted for that. Pesto, breadsticks, pickled vegetables, cream of tomatoes or mushrooms, olives, paté, peperoncini, truffles, cheese, chips as well as oil and savory biscuits: you can buy all this and more in our online shop. You can get more information by simply clicking on the picture of the relevant product. You can also find great bargains and great offers at our partner shop, the Kanela online pharmacy. Have a look.