Aperitivo Bitter J. GASCO (4 x 20 cl)

Aperitivo Bitter J. GASCO (4 x 20 cl)

8.00 CHF
VAT included

Flavor: Black carrot juice with safflower extract

No additives: No dyes & No preservatives

Note: 100 % Vegan & Gluten Free & Sugar content reduced

Consumption Note: Aperitivo Bitter J.GASCO is a refreshing drink with a distinctive bittersweet taste enhanced by lemon scents. Perfect as a non-alcoholic aperitif or as a mixed drink for classic cocktails.

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J. GASCO - Legendery Italian Drinks

The soft drinks of J. GASCO, the uomo-gallo (half man - half cock) is an exclusively Italian product. The traditional vintage style confection with the eye-catching glass bottle and the label with the "uomogallo" are the trademarks of this exclusive drink. 100% vegan and gluten-free!

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