CHEESUS Alpine cheese (1 kg)

CHEESUS Alpkäse is produced very sustainably. Only unused milk is processed. In addition, the production process is based on ecological values and the animals are kept outside.

Thanks to the fresh and strong alpine herbs, CHEESUS already has a natural, aromatic and spicy taste after only 4 months of maturing. The slightly recent alpine cheese is beautifully creamy and melts pleasantly on the tongue. Pure enjoyment of the heights!

- Semi-hard cheese from raw milk (cow), min. 45% FiT

- Manufactured at over 1800 m.a.s.l.

- 4 months maturation in a sandstone cellar

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CHEESUS Premium Alpkäse - we bring alpine pleasure to you

The origin lies on the alp

The Meeren Alp in Canton Glarus, Obstalden, above Lake Walen, has three stafel. The uppermost, Bärenboden, lies at 1800 metres above sea level and can only be reached on foot. Depending on speed and muscle power, the ascent takes 30 to 60 minutes. The Bärenboden has an excellent feed basis for dairy cows and is therefore the most valuable of the three Stafel. Until now, a small part of the milk was fed to the pigs, but the large part had to be tipped away. It was simply impossible for the operators to transport hundreds of litres of milk every day on foot or by mule to the lower Stafel - and from there again by car to the village.

Not processing high-quality Alpine milk is a missed opportunity. Our alpine friends knew that they could make great alpine products with the milk. The need for a mobile cheese dairy reached us in the lowlands.

We - cheese-loving "city dwellers" - thereupon forged a plan: "Let's taste instead of waste". Grown up with the Swiss Alps and equipped with a good portion of curiosity and courage, we set about implementing it. In the summer of 2019, the first alpine cheese - CHEESUS - was produced in the mobile cheese dairy on the Meeren Alp.

Fascination for precision

We are still fascinated today by the joy, passion, precision and craftsmanship that goes into making cheese. The product, natural and without additives and preservatives, convinces with its unique taste. To bring this true "height pleasure" to your plate and to promote traditional craftsmanship is what drives us on.

The original offer for unprocessed milk

Alp Meeren is the first alp that we have equipped with a mobile cheese dairy. The high-quality alpine milk can thus be processed directly on site. We are currently equipping other alps and farms with a mobile cheese dairy on a seasonal basis. With our mobile solution we support farms in the form of a pop-up cheese dairy.


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