Fiasconaro Panettone Oro Verde (1kg)

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Buy Fiasconaro Panettone Oro Verde (1kg)

Excellent in taste - the king among the Panettoni - then one speaks of the exclusive delicacies of Fiasconaro. The Panettone Oro Verde is an absolute speciality from Italy. It is a traditional pastry based on pistachios. Matching to it, comes separately a pistachio cream including a small knife, so that you can apply the cream. The panettone is covered with a sugar coating and studded with selected pistachios. The products used are exclusively selected from the region. The unmistakable trademark of the bakery Fiasconaro is the sourdough, which is processed in a very long fermentation process (takes 36 hours).

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Not far from Cefalù on the north coast of Sicily is the small town of Castelbuono. Outstanding delicacies come from all the communities in this region, and Castelbuono is particularly known for the sweet specialties from the Pasticceria Fiasconaro in Piazza Margherita. Panettone, Colombe and Cubaite have been made there since 1953, and everyone licks their fingers for them. The pastries from Fiasconaro are so outstanding that the owners of the Pasticceria regularly make it to international trade fairs. When you buy Fiasconaro biscuits at Kitchencorner, your Swiss specialist retailer for delicacies, you know why.

Pastries from Fiasconaro are unparalleled

The family business even made it to the Pope. During a visit by Francis to Sicily, the head of production, Nicola Fiasconaro, presented the head of the church with a selection of the outstanding specialties. Together with two brothers, Fiasconaro continues the work of his father, who founded the pasticceria. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of panettone, colombe and cubaite, three sweet foods that used to be only available in Italy on high Christian holidays. In the Fiasconaro company, the owners have permanently included the sweet dishes in their range. At Christmas and Easter, the brothers prepare special specialties year after year - from the highest quality ingredients that Sicily has to offer. You can get more information about the products by clicking on the desired picture.