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Frantoio Sugo Crema di pomodori secchi (90g)

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Buy Frantoio Sugo Crema di pomodori secchi (90g)

The traditional crema of Frantoio (tomato cream, green cream, Ligurian pesto and red pesto) are the basic ingredients of Italian cuisine. The extra virgin olive oil gives each crema its delicate and unique taste. The knowledge of the history of the regional cuisine makes Frantoio proud and is reflected in the delicate products. Matching: The Crema fit perfectly as a base for Anitpasto

The Mela family has been cultivating its Taggiasche olive trees in the hills of Imperia for over 190 years, with great expertise and passion. Thanks to the good climatic conditions near the Ligurian sea, a unique extra virgin olive oil can be produced from the olives of their own harvest. The olives Taggiasche are also processed in glass, in addition, the offer includes various selected Sughi, Patés, Crema and vegetable preserves.

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