Grappa invecchiata over 40 anni Barile (70 cl)

Grappa is a marc spirit originating from Italy. It is distilled from the fermented alcoholic press residues of wine production, the marc. Grappa was first mentioned by name in 1451: a Piedmontese notary transferred a cellar with a distillation plant and large quantities of grappa to his descendants. Only distillates obtained in Italy from the skins of local grapes are allowed to bear the name Grappa. Any other distillate made from foreign marc, even if produced within the national borders, is not allowed to bear the name Grappa.

Alcohol content: 47.6 %.

Age: 40 years

Country of origin: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Serving temperature: 18 / 20 °C

Note: Organic production

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Grappa Barile - Mastro Distillatore in Silvano d' Orba

Friendship and respect: these are the key words that characterize the life and business philosophy of Luigi Barile, Gino for his friends. The selection of exquisite quality products, the use of fresh marc and the right distillation: these are the secrets of constant success. The natural and careful processing allows to extract the nuances so that the essential oils give the product the unmistakable taste. The production process gives the grappa softness, length of finish and good tolerance. In 2008, Gino Grappa was awarded the title of best grappa in Italy.


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