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Pepper Black/Lampong - J.C. Fridlin (50g)

Origin: Indonesia

Uses: The primary function of black pepper is to spice and flavor salty and also sweet foods. It is used whole, crushed or ground for seasoning meat/fish dishes, sausages, marinades, salads, sauces, soups, vegetables, pizza, fruits (strawberries), jams, fruit bread, gingerbread and it is an ingredient in numerous spice blends

Smell/taste: The smell is highly aromatic to slightly irritating, the taste is bitingly hot, warm and almost as complexly aromatic as that of green pepper, sometimes slightly woody. To enjoy the full aroma, it should always be ground or crushed fresh and slightly grainy if possible

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Pepper Black/Lampong - J.C. Fridlin (50g)

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schwarzer Pfeffer

gutes Aroma mit nötiger Schärfe

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