Pukka Lemongrass & Ginger Organic Tea (20 bags)

Pukka Lemongrass & Ginger Organic Tea (20 bags)

5.60 CHF
VAT included

Flavor: blend of lemongrass and ginger

Main plants: Lemongrass, ginger, true liquorice, lemon verbena

Storage: Cool and dry

Shipping: 1-2 workdays

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Buy Pukka Lemon Grass & Ginger Organic Tea (20 bags)

This lemon ginger tea is different. Its lemony note does not come from the fruit of the lemon, but stems from fresh lemongrass and lemon verbena leaves. The ginger root brings the incomparable spiciness into play. Unconventionally combined, this tea brings a breath of fresh air to the tea shelf!-Shelf!

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