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When we speak of wine, we usually mean white wines, red wines or rosé. Many also include the new wine, Federweiss, which is available soon after the grape harvest and goes so well with onion tart or Quiche Lorraine. One variety is sometimes - and quite wrongly - forgotten: sparkling wine. There are three different methods used in the production of sparkling wines, but we don't want to bore you with that, because the most important thing is that the sparkling wine has a nice bubble and tastes great. (Caution - sparkling wine and sparkling wine are not the same thing. For sparkling wine the overpressure in the bottle must be at least 3 bar). When you order sparkling wine from Kitchencorner, you can be sure that they are real sparkling wines!

Buy and enjoy sparkling wine

In addition to overpressure, other criteria must be met. For example, the alcohol content must be at least 9.5% by volume and the sulphur dioxide content must not exceed 235 mg per litre. In addition, the country of origin must be indicated on the label.

With sparkling wines we tend to think of white grapes immediately, but why? Because not only the white varieties, but also the red ones and of course the rosé you can order from us are excellent wines. This is due to the fact that the producers take the necessary time during production, because the process is quite elaborate. Enjoy our sparkling wines, which are available in fine bottles, with meat, cheese, fish, pasta, cheese - or just like that!