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Alcohol isn't everyone's cup of tea. Some people don't like the taste of wine, beer or harder drinks, and some can't cope with the effect. Some give up voluntarily because they have to drive, and for children and young people alcoholic drinks are out of the question. But should those who give up or have to give up alcohol be allowed to drink only water? Not at all. In our range of sweet drinks you will find a generous selection of refreshing and tasty fizzy drinks, lemonades and soft drinks. When you buy sweet drinks at Kitchencorner, your Swiss online shop for delicious delicacies, you can look forward to all kinds of wonderful flavours and incomparable, refreshing drinks.

Order sweet drinks and get the finest drinks

Our sweet drinks are noble and can be drunk on the one hand simply to quench thirst, but on the other hand they also go well with the fine specialities from the rest of our range - for example with fish and meat, antipasti, pasta and rice and of course with sweets. Depending on the dish, you can choose a flavour of our lemonades, for example Ginger Ale, Indian Tonic, Ginger Beer, Bitter and many more. Let yourself be inspired by the numerous flavours and enjoy a great non-alcoholic drink with your dinner, a multi-course menu or just like that.

Of course you can also use our sweet drinks to mix delicious alcoholic cocktails or long drinks. Depending on the flavour, you can mix the drinks with gin, vodka, prosecco or rum and further refine them with basil, lime or mint.