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Order truffles from Kitchencorner

It has to be said quite clearly - truffles are an absolute speciality that has no equal. The noble mushrooms are extremely precious, as they do not grow everywhere, but only under special conditions - in special places. This is usually in the forest under black lime trees, beech trees, poplars and above all acorns, and the soil in which the mushrooms grow must always contain a lot of water and lime. But even if all this comes together and then the season is right, it doesn't mean that you can just go out and find truffles. It is easier if you order truffles from Kitchencorner, your Swiss delicatessen shop - we have truffles in our assortment at fair prices.

Buying and consuming truffles - a unique experience

But why can the noble mushrooms not be discovered so easily? The answer is: they grow underground. That's why only animals with a very fine nose can actually detect truffles, truffle pigs and dogs for example. In the forest, however, you will often be too late during the truffle season, as the mushrooms have often already been tracked down and destroyed by wild boars.

There are more than ten species of truffles, in Europe most of them grow in France and Italy. In our offer you will find a lot of specialities enriched with truffles, from olive oil to salami, from chips to truffle paste and from salsa to truffle-cheese cream cream. Try yourself through our assortment! Tip: Consume products with truffles if possible without side dishes that can distort the truffle taste, often a piece of ciabatta is the best companion.