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Cantucci order from Kitchencorner

No matter how great, sumptuous and tasty a menu may have been, if the perfect dessert is missing, it will probably not be remembered forever. But the perfect dessert does not really exist, the tastes are too different for that. Some like something sweet, maybe an ice cream or something with chocolate, others expect something hearty like cheese. Still others would definitely take fruit (which, by the way, goes well with cheese, but can also be combined with ice cream). And then there are many people for whom an espresso at the end is actually enough. But to be honest - if everyone else gets to have a great dessert, espresso alone doesn't make you happy either. When you order Cantucci from Kitchencorner, your Swiss online delicatessen shop, you're sure to meet the tastes of your guests as well as your own.

Buy Cantucci from the Florentine region

Cantucci - also known as cantuccini - come from the area around Florence. They are made from flour, sugar, almonds and amaretto and are then seasoned and refined accordingly. Like rusk, Cantucci are baked twice, first as a loaf - and later, when they have been sliced, once again. This makes them wonderfully crumbly and also makes them last longer.

In our offer you will find different varieties. In addition to the classic Cantucci, we also have a version in our assortment that contains almonds and pistachios. You can also buy cantucci filled with chocolate. Whichever variety you choose, you should never forget the espresso with it. Otherwise you will miss an incomparable combination.