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De gustibus non est disputandum - the iron rule when it comes to personal taste: there is no disputing taste. Strictly speaking, this is not correct, taste can be argued about, but what is meant is that it is not really proper. Because who should be blamed for listening to music other than yourself? That he dresses and does his hair differently? Or that he simply has different culinary preferences? Unfortunately, this is often disputed, and it is not least the wine, where opposing inclinations collide and at least trigger heated discussions. If you order wine at Kitchencorner, your Swiss delicatessen online shop, one point is undisputed: you will receive wines of the highest quality.

Buy wine and talk about it - over a good glass

Now, debates about wine are only tolerable to a certain extent if you have the noble drop in front of you in your glass. Often the discussion partners recognize some nuances in a certain wine which one has not yet developed for oneself. So if you are open to the arguments or the nose and palate of other people, you will find your bright joy in talking about the juice of the vine while drinking a good wine.

From our assortment you can choose a wide range of red wines, white wines and sparkling wines. Whether with meat or fish, with pasta or rice, with sweets or simply without accompaniment: we deliver the best wines directly to your home.