Buy jam at Kitchencorner

When we think of jam in German-speaking countries, we usually have a richly laid breakfast table in front of our minds. Sure, that is tempting too, but have you ever eaten exquisite jam for the main course? If not, then you should change that immediately. You can do so by buying jam at Kitchencorner, your Swiss online shop for delicatessen & Co - where you will find great jams that go well with hearty meals. After all, jam doesn't necessarily mean that it always has to be served with breakfast or dessert. The French term "confire" simply means that something is boiled down. And this can be sweet jam or jam or confit de canard, that is duck meat.

Order jam for cheese and meat dishes

The types of jam you can order from us are all excellent with meat dishes and various types of cheese. It's up to you to decide which jam you want to eat with which cheese or meat - in principle, lighter jam goes better with lighter meat and light cheese, while dark jam is more suitable for dark meat and tangy cheese, but after all, that's not a law. Feel free to try it out and take this opportunity to have a look at our meat and fish department. All products contain only natural and healthy ingredients and convince with a fruity fresh taste, which is a great contrast to hearty cheese and fried meat.

Important to know for parents: The jams with pears and figs (Pere e Moscato and Fichi e Barolo) contain wine, i.e. alcohol, with Moscato and Barolo.