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In the German-speaking part of Switzerland, in Austria and in Germany itself, we usually speak quite simply of pasta or of pasta in general, if we mean Italian pasta dishes. Often we only distinguish spaghetti from the other sorts, maybe rigatoni or tagliatelle. And what we also often ignore is the fact that by no means every sauce and every kind of pasta on the plate harmonize. When you buy pasta from Kitchencorner, your Swiss delicatessen specialist, you have a wide choice of different types of pasta. Unfortunately, we can't tell you which pasta goes with which sauce (or vice versa) here, as there is hardly enough space...

Order pasta for a successful meal

The advantage of pasta is obvious. The preparation time is quite short, the cooking time is indicated on the packaging (in minutes). And you don't need more than one sauce to prepare a wonderful meal - just have a look at our department for great sauce mixes.

Order to your heart's content and try some different types right away. In the assortment you will find for example bucatini, chitarra, fusilli, linguine, maccheroni, penne, rigatoni or spaghetti. But you can also order spaghettini, tagliatelle, fregola, torchietti, trofie or malloredus. If you want to try a special kind of pasta, the pappardelle with egg or with spinach are very suitable, also the chitarrine with black sepia are something quite exclusive. To every pasta dish you will of course also find a matching wine.