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Almost everywhere in the world newlyweds are pelted with rice - the custom originally comes from Asia. The intention behind it: Rice should promise the newlyweds a happy future with many children. In Central Europe this custom is no longer allowed without restrictions, because the rice grains attract pigeons and rats. But it is much better to use the rice for cooking, after all it goes well with an endless number of main courses. This is also proven by statistics, because rice is one of the five most cultivated foods in the world and ranks third in this list, behind sugar cane and corn, on a par with wheat. Of the 20 countries that produce the most rice worldwide, 12 are on the Asian continent. When you order rice from Kitchencorner, your Swiss online delicatessen shop, we deliver rice from exclusive Italian growing areas.

Buy rice and enjoy the variety

Not all rice is the same, as you will notice when you look at our products. Some varieties go well with fish dishes, others refine meat and sauces, and yet others are ideal for salads and soups or as fillings.

But rice can be more than just a side dish. Even as a main course rice makes "bella figura" - especially as a risotto. We have several different types of risotto in our assortment - black risotto rice for a seafood risotto, rice for mushroom risotto, rice for risotto al limone and rice for risotto al pomodori. Try out and cook your favourite rice dish to your heart's content with fine ingredients from Kitchencorner.