Energy drinks

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For many people, the red alarm lamp goes on immediately when they talk about energy drinks. Quite simply because most people immediately think of the mercilessly sweet fizzy drink that is first associated with the term “energy drink”. If you feel the same way, then it is worth reading on here, because in our online shop you can buy energy drinks that really taste like something - and not like gummy bears dissolved in sugar syrup. When you buy energy drinks from Kitchencorner, your Swiss specialist for delicacies and drinks, we deliver the best pick-me-ups and energy shots in many different and above all delicious flavors.

Energy drinks increase motivation in a natural way

Try the really original recipes from El Tony Mate, Biotta and Monday. The mate tea is either pure or in a great mixture with ginger tea, and the natural drink from Biotta combines açai, guarana and grapes - a tasty mix of 100 percent fruit and no added sugar. Incidentally, it also contains completely natural caffeine. Monday's energy drink is available in the classic version, with a mango flavor or with a mix of orange and lemon. You can get more details about the respective drinks by simply clicking on the corresponding picture. Order several types at once to find out which flavor you like best.