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In recent years, Italy's south-easternmost region, Puglia, has become a major culinary focus. While until recently it was mainly Italians who appreciated the specialities of Puglia, more and more gourmets from abroad have been taking an interest in this region for some time now. However, it is true that the quantities produced in Puglia are not huge and therefore are not always suitable for export. So if you have the opportunity to try Puglian specialities, then you shouldn't hesitate for too long. For example, if you buy Taralli from Kitchencorner, your Swiss delicatessen specialist, then you will get a fine munchies from the Italian south into your home.

Order Sweet tarallis, the southern Italian Grissini

The interest in specialities from Apulia - in Italian Puglia, by the way - began a few years ago with red wine. The red wines from the region can be incredibly good, but who can do without nibbles? This is where the Taralli come into play, curls of bread dough that go well with the wines of Puglia and other regions.

Taralli are made without dairy products and without eggs, so they go even better with wine. In our online shop you will find special Taralli Preite Forno Artigianale from Caserano, where everything is still made by hand - once to go with white wine (vino bianco) and once with the typical red wine of Puglia (Primitivo). Of course, you can also enjoy the Taralli with an aperitif or as a hearty dessert, which is also perfectly convened with a cup of original Italian coffee.