Crema and paté

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The Italian cuisine, and we are not giving away any secrets with this, of course consists of much more than pizza and spaghetti. The classic menu from Italy looks like this: First of all, antipasti are served, hot or cold - often with grilled vegetables, bruschette, carpaccio or ham, served with bread. The first main course, the primo piatto, is usually served with pasta, but risotto, liver or minestrone are also popular. The second main course (seconso piatto) is rich and consists, together with side dishes, of seafood or meat. The dessert, the dolce, concludes the meal. If you order crema and paté at Kitchencorner, your Swiss online shop for delicacies, you will spice up the first and second courses considerably.

Buy Crema and Paté for antipasti or pasta

Every gear is equally important for Italians - you should know that. Therefore, you should not skimp on antipasti either, but refine them with tartufata, armonia, battuto, salsa, crema or paté. These dishes are perfect as a spread for the ciabatta bread or as a paste. But that's not all, because with most of our products you can also perfectly enhance the prima piatto by conjuring pesto into pasta. You are also welcome to experiment, everything is allowed as long as the ingredients are of the same high quality as those in our range. By the way, as a good host you should serve a high-quality grappa after the dessert - as a fifth course, so to speak.