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The classic panettone, which was originally only made in Milan, can hardly be compared with anything. The closest thing is probably the Swiss and German Christstollen, and - it cannot be a coincidence - depending on the time of year, panettone was only available in the run-up to Christmas, at least earlier. However, the guidelines in Italy are quite strict. While the Christmas stollen in Switzerland is sometimes more, sometimes less butter, sometimes cardamom is added and sometimes left out, the recipe for the panettone basically leaves no room for maneuver, everything is laid down in the “Disciplinare di produione del Panettone tipico della tradizione artigiana Milanese ». So when you buy panettone at Kitchencorner, your Swiss specialist for delicacies, you will always receive a treat based on an original Milanese recipe.

Panettone is baked strictly according to regulations

The panettone is now also produced in other Italian regions, although the recipe can vary a little - so the pasticciere is free to use honey, malt and vanilla as baking ingredients. However, the pasticciere must never add colorings or preservatives to the panettone. This not only forbids the "disciplines", but probably also the code of honor of every serious pasticciere. Take a look around our site - our panettones are all outstanding and taste excellent. Would you like more information about our panettones? Just click on the picture you want to find out more.