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Order Vermouth from Kitchencorner

Vermouth, also known as wormwood in German-speaking countries, is simply an aromatized wine that is mixed with various spices and herbs and whose alcohol content must be between 14.5 and 21.9 percent by volume. Vermouth also usually has a high proportion of sugar. You can enjoy this drink either as an aperitif or you can use it as an ingredient for a variety of cocktails. Vermouth is divided into five categories - sweet, sweet, semi-dry, dry and extra dry, with the sugar content in this category decreasing. When you order vermouth from Kitchencorner, your Swiss online delicatessen shop, you will receive particularly fine drinks made from either white or red grapes.

Buy Vermouth and mix great drinks

Drinking vermouth straight, it's not for everyone. But this wine is excellent for mixing, even though grape juice is hardly ever used as a component of cocktails. Which drinks you conjure up with Vermouth is entirely up to your imagination - of course, you can still search the Internet for specific recipes that you can stick to. The vermouth varieties in our range come with a great citrus flavour, enhanced by liquorice, aloe and myrrh and rounded off with gentian, rhubarb and absinthe.

If you would like to taste Vermouth in its pure form, we recommend refining the drink with tonic water, soda, bitter or a touch of vanilla syrup. This allows the aromas hidden in Vermouth to develop even better.