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Order spirits from Kitchencorner

Alcohol, absolutely clear, should only be enjoyed in small quantities and always with caution. This applies in particular to the so-called hard alcohol, i.e. spirits. If you take this basic rule into account, then nothing stands in the way of a nice evening - in our assortment you will find a large selection of different soul comforters. Some of them you can drink pure, others are more suitable as an ingredient in a cocktail or long drink. And as with everything that is drinkable or edible, the rule of thumb is that personal taste determines whether you prefer a grappa, a liqueur, a gin or a vermouth as a digestive. When you order spirits at Kitchencorner, your Swiss delicatessen online shop, you will receive high-proof alcohol from the best distilleries.

Buy spirits and drink them consciously

The types of schnapps you can buy here in the shop are all particularly fine. The choice of different grappas alone is considerable - whether from Barolo grapes, Moscato grapes, Nebbiolo grapes or other selected berries. Some prefer grappa as a mixed drink, others prefer pure pleasure, it's a matter of taste. The same applies, of course, to the gin and vermouth drinks that you will find in our shop.

Enjoy our outstanding alcoholic beverages and let yourself be seduced by perfectly distilled spirits. Whether after an opulent dinner with family or friends, in front of the crackling open fire or on the summer terrace - drink consciously.

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