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For a long time, this spirit was only popular in Great Britain, but in recent decades at the latest it has begun its triumphal procession on the European continent and also in Switzerland - we are talking about gin. This liquor made from juniper can be enjoyed on its own, but many long drinks and cocktails cannot be imagined without it. You can mix it yourself with a great tonic-water from our range. For example with J.GASCO Tonic, J.GASCO Indian Tonic or J.GASCO Dry Bitter Tonic. When you buy gin at Kitchencorner, your Swiss online shop for delicacies and more, you bring home the finest juniper brandy.

Order Gin and get the full pleasure

It is a requirement in Switzerland that gin must have an alcohol content of at least 37.5 percent. However, the percentage is often even higher, simply because many varieties contain up to 120 different ingredients - spices and active ingredients - and a high alcohol content rounds off these flavours. In addition to juniper, the typical taste of gin is usually derived from spices such as nutmeg, orange peel, tomato pips and ginger.

Whether you drink your gin pure, as a gin tonic or in a delicious cocktail such as a martini or negroni is entirely up to your taste. In our assortment you can order perfect gin and you will receive a spirit that is second to none. Enjoy the juniper brandy consciously, on special occasions or to relax after work.