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In many parts of the world white wine was underestimated until not so long ago. For many wine drinkers it was simply a stylistic device to be able to drink a spritzer in between, only red wine was considered to be "real" wine to them. And European winegrowers often missed the opportunity to develop the vines properly and thus produce a white wine that is really good. Tempi passati. Whereas in the past almost only white wines from overseas (USA, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa) were en vogue, European varieties no longer have to hide behind this competition. When you buy white wine at Kitchencorner, you will of course only get the finest wines.

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Knowledge of the right soils, the climate and the fine interplay of external influences, all this together and a portion of luck - usually a lot of sunshine - can lead to the creation of excellent, full-bodied white wines. Of course, the individual taste is different for all wine connoisseurs, some like a heavy, fruity wine, others swear by a mineral character. Beyond these characteristics, however, one can almost always say objectively whether a white wine is good or not.

White wines have become quite complex. While it used to be said that every white wine goes well with asparagus, fish or white meat, this is no longer true today. Wine that is too fruity, for example, can almost crush fish or asparagus and goes better with cheese. Generally speaking, it can be said that our wines - red, rosé and white - go perfectly with the delicacies in our range.