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Caviar stands worldwide simply for pleasure. And it is only the roe of sturgeon that can really be called caviar. And why is the pleasure so unique? Simply because a sturgeon needs many years to produce roe. But the path from roe to caviar is still a long one. After all, it takes a great deal of knowledge and expertise to turn the fish eggs into excellent caviar. When you buy Oona caviar from Kitchencorner, your Swiss online shop for delicatessen and kitchen appliances, you are getting the best quality in your home. Caviar quality from Swiss rearing. The special thing about Oona caviar is that the sturgeons grow up in Swiss mountain spring water on the Lötschberg - and in complete peace and quiet. Hectic is certainly not a good advisor for caviar production. Nevertheless, there are moments when things have to move fast.

Order Oona caviar and get freshness

Once the roe has been removed, it is quickly sent for processing. Oona does not use any preservatives or other additives, unlike other manufacturers who use borax, for example. The skin of Oona caviar is indescribably filigree, the product has a soft, delicate and melting property that makes caviar incomparable. The taste is slightly nutty and mossy and is only slightly enhanced by pure salt. This emphasizes the fine character and gives extraordinary pleasure. Prepare yourself an unforgettable pleasure with Oona caviar from sustainable breeding and enjoy a Swiss product in a class of its own that is second to none.