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There are people who can talk about red wine for many hours. Especially when it comes to the perfect wine accompaniment to a meal. Of course one is inclined to say: don't exaggerate - the main thing is that the red wine tastes good! On the other hand, experts such as oenologists or sommeliers simply know much better and can actually recommend the best wine to accompany game, beef, pasta or even fish (yes, red wine to fish is not always forbidden). Of course, the individual taste plays an important role - but if you want to drink a heavy red wine with a light fish, for example, you are doing quite a lot wrong. Because this way you won't get anything out of your delicious fish dish or your red wine.

Order red wine and get the sun in your house

It is undisputed, however, that a red wine - whether light or heavy - lives on whether it has received a lot of sunshine over the year. Of course, the factors of the right soil, humidity and temperature also play an important role.

In our assortment you will find a rich selection of excellent red wines that have been spoiled by the sun. We have gathered red wines of different grape varieties in our assortment for you, each glass and each drop on its own is an absolute delicacy. The wines go well with the above mentioned dishes and of course with selected cheeses. In addition, each wine is also excellent to drink on its own, completely without a dish to go with it. Last but not least that is what makes an excellent red wine. Santé and Proscht!