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What panettone is to Italians in Advent and Christmas, Colomba is in spring and around Easter. It is a pastry shaped like a dove spreading its wings. The Colomba consists of yeast dough, which is made from wheat sourdough and the addition of baker's yeast. The dough always contains candied oranges, and the colomba has a variety of different recipes - and they are all wonderful. When you buy a Colomba from Kitchencorner, your Swiss specialist for delicacies, you are spoiled for choice among many incredibly delicious recipes. Maybe you put several Colombe in your virtual shopping cart?

Easter is hard to imagine without Colomba

Whether with the glaze of white chocolate and pistachios, with chocolate drops and sugar, with candied pear and chocolate pieces, coated with white glaze and chocolate pearls, with chocolate chips and coated with chocolate and wild strawberry jam or with semi-candied forest fruits and coated with white glaze and chocolate pearls - Sicilian colomba is an absolute delight, without which Easter in Italy is actually inconceivable. But where do the pastries come from? There is the legend of a wandering monk to whom a Lombard king wanted to serve roasted pigeons on Good Friday, but the monk kept the law of fasting and got the king to convert to Christianity and ordered that from now on only pigeons made from dough be admitted at Easter. Another legend relates to the battle of Legnano in 1176, when the rising pigeons were interpreted as a divine signal for the victory of the Lombard army over the arms of Barbarossa. You can always find tempting bargains and great offers at our partner shop, the Kanela online pharmacy. Just make sure you stop by.