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Buy pickled vegetables at Kitchencorner

Outside the Italian borders pasta is very often eaten. Only differently than in Italy itself. While we often consider pasta as the only main dish, in Italy pasta is considered "primo piatto", literally translated as first plate - meaning the first course. This is followed by the second course, the "secondo piatto", which is the second part of the main dish. This usually consists of a fish or meat dish. At the end there is usually a dessert; if it is sweet, it is called "il dolce" in the menu order. Caffè is served with it. It is not unusual for the "primo piatto" to be preceded by a starter: bruschetta, salad or carpaccio. Antipasti are also part of the menu. When you buy pickled vegetables from Kitchencorner, your Swiss delicatessen specialist, you are providing a typical antipasti ingredient.

Ordering pickled vegetables as an antipasti base

Antipasti usually consist of many small ingredients like sausage, ham, caprese, sardines and similar dishes. Pickled vegetables give these specialities that special something. In our online shop you will find a large selection of vegetables. Peperoncini stuffed, in oil, with tuna, garlic in herb oil, capers in vinegar, artichokes in olive oil, garden vegetables in sweet and sour pickles, borettane onions in olive oil or garlic with peperoncini in olive oil - there is something for every taste. The pickled vegetables are also ideal with pasta, salads and are ideal to top a fresh ciabatta. Only the best vegetables and extra virgin olive oil are used, i.e. from natural cold pressing or cold extraction.